Things to do

There are no small amount of things to do and see here in Payson!

Take a Hike, Ride a Bike, Catch a fish, Beat the heat, See the sights-

The Grotto (Payson Canyon)

Devils Kitchen (Payson Canyon)

Mollies Nipple Mountain (Hurricane)

Camping (Payson Lakes Guard Station)

Jones Ranch, Blackhawk, Four Bay (Payson Canyon Trails)

Payson Lakes (Payson Canyon)

Spring Lake (just south of Payson in Spring Lake)

Picnic at a Park (Payson City Parks and Rec)

Payson City Pool (Payson)

Serendipity the Dragon (Salem)

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum (Payson City Center)

Peteetneet Museum (Payson)

Payson City Library (Payson)

Let me know what you like to do!