John Runs

My Husband John is a runner, a long distance runner. A mountain trail, city streets and when he absolutely must, a treadmill runner. I on the other hand (as previously mentioned) am a fall-er.. That is to say I start out ok and then the pull of gravity becomes too much for me and I end up on the ground.

Back to John though,  In high school he joined Cross Country and that began his journey. Running to him became more than punishment in gym class, it became freedom. A release of everything but the cadence of his feet and rhythm of his breath. A time to quiet all the voices and demands of life and simply be as he is. I have, a few times in my life, pushed passed the tortuous first few weeks of running and found that runners stride. Where my breathing came easier and my body amazed me with its ability to not only transport me from place to place but to do so with some semblance of skill. As usual however, I sustained some sort of injury each time and gave it up. (Sadly no one will describe me as sporty or particularly graceful. I get it from my mom and share it with my sisters and daughters. Thanks Mom..)

John on the other hand seems to run effortlessly. Easy as breathing for him. But not really. No runner runs with out hard work and sometimes, pain. No runner gets to the end with out sweat dripping in their eyes, stinging them and making it hard to see. No runner glides gracefully up a steep rocky path, they fight for each step up the incline. When they get hurt, they recover and START AGAIN. When they come home dripping and smelly they do it with pride.

There is a sort of magic that happens to those people who run, they find their strength. They find that they CAN do hard things, they don’t hide away and nurse their hurts they address them and move on.

People of Payson as I see the runners on the roads and trails, I am so proud of them. It’s hard to get out there because a runners first battle can be with themselves. A runner begins one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

John runs. As he runs I’ll keep you updated on where he hits the trail and his path to the Bear 100!


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