Day 6

Monday, Monday….

It’s MLK day and I have the day off work so it was the best time to sleep in a little (after I got up at 6:30 and fed the animals, that is) snuggle my youngest for a couple of hours and have a slow morning.

Like all good things, it couldn’t last forever though, so when my little got restless it was up for both of us.

Today I looked forward to getting back into the swing of things and I thought my doggos would ignore me for a while in favor of scrapping around and kid chasing. This too did not last but I tried to make the most of it!

Tread climber –

30 min. 29 at 2.0, 1 at 2.5 😉 progress is progress and I’m happy with it!

Big dog’s chased the kids around, my little old dog hung out with me today. At 13, she likes to participate in a supervisory position.

leg pull ups –

40! 😊

Dogs still with the kids, they haven’t noticed yet!

Hanging bar –

5 3/4 pull-ups, a little more everyday.

Dogs- dang it they noticed.

Stair squats – 4 flights every step a squat and squeeze. I’m not gonna lie, my buns are sore.

Dogs stayed so close to me that I had to nudge them up each step. I was thanked with many kisses.

Arms -different today, tried stationary dips. Arms are now also sore, but that’s the point right?!

Plank – 51 seconds, that’s almost a minute!!! I just closed my eyes and pretended my arms were not shaking like we were having a 5.0 and listened to Only Human. Nice beat, catchy.

Sayge, my planking buddy

leg raises –

40 with legs parallel, 30 right over left, 30 left over right.

🎼 Every day it’s a gettin closer, and although I am by no means going faster than a roller coaster (can’t help if Buddy Holly rolls through my head),

6 days in and 132 days (give or take a couple) more to go!



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