Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Or in my case, just keep going! I am sore but thankfully, not so sore that I can’t move. Today was a late in the day, many times interrupted, here a little there a little work out.

Sound familiar to anyone? It’s a Mom’s life I guess on a Saturday. Kids home, chores to be done, animals to take care of, laundry for miles kind of day. Today was especially delightful with the pig deciding to leave a little present on my daughters bed.

Yeah, that was delightful. Get a pig they said it will be fun they said. In a lot of ways, they are right but in a lot of ways, they are ignorant, know nothing, so and so’s.

We have a house pig named Molly. I’ve talked about her in a previous post I’ll just tell you that pigs are definitely, definitely not like dogs they require a lot different maintenance and care and they scream you kind of like children.

That being said on to the work out!

Tread climber –

30 min. 25 at 2.0, 5 at 1.5

Dog’s played downstairs

leg pull ups –


Dogs slept on dirty laundry. Yep, the struggle is real.

Hanging bar –

5 half pull-ups, better than 2. Go me!

Sayge was the confused dog this time, she came up and grumbling and whining at me.

Stair squats –

4 flights

Dogs distracted by kids, went for it.

Arms on stairs –

2 flights, should probably clean the stairs.

Plank –

45 seconds, listened to a book on my phone so I counted all the way to 45 “one thousands”

leg raises –

40 with legs parallel, 20 right over left, 20 left over right.

The dogs came back upstairs just in time to find my stretching, I was given a face wash as I attempted cobra. for some reason I couldn’t seem to hold the pose 😂 Downward dog sent Jasper circling around my arms, under my stomach.

Just doing it folks cause I’m gonna be #fitbyjune !

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