Project: Bar height counter

In case you didn’t know I am a project person. I love to have my fingers in all sorts of creative things and lately it has been furniture projects. Last year, my husband and I found a huge butcherblock like slab of wood at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity thrift store) and saw the potential.


The pictures are a little blurry but you get the gist. Weathered, chipped and splintery but solid and $5.00!

We later found some pieces of scaffolding at the same place and after some time rearranging them we came up with a base for a Bar height counter.

We frequently have lots of family over and have needed more seating, this would add just the right amount with out crowding the space in the dining room.

So I went to work and spent a couple of weeks sanding and sanding and sanding…. The wood finally achieved that worn smooth feel I was looking for.

And then it sat in my garage for months and got dusty while I got busy with life happening. I would pass it on my way through the garage and think, I really need to finish that but it just kept getting shuffled to the bottom of my list.

UNTIL, we were going to host a family get together.

Well hello and let me just put you right to the top of the list again little project!! My Husband helped me to bring it inside and, after a little research, I mixed up some General Finishes Java gel stain with Annie Sloan clear wax and applied the mixture to the wood.


PSA: The smell is strong with this!! If you must do it inside like me, VENTALATE!!!

The application thanks to an off brand wax brush was quick an easy. The block was rotated a few times to ensure that the was would dry evenly in a 24 hr period. It looked darker when it was first applied but has mellowed to a nice antiqued finish in the last couple of weeks.

Next was the base.

I appreciate all the varied shades of yellow but in my kitchen contractor bright yellow is not a good fit. We settled on black and off I went. Painting the base was simple and fast as well. I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch, Paint and Primer, Matte Black. With a Krylon Clear coat in satin for a little protection.


Voila, all painted. I let it sit outside for 24hrs to bake that fresh spray paint stink off. (Thank goodness for good weather!!)

The final step, assembly, was the morning of the family event. Last minute finishes anyone? Ha ha, no but really, we finished just in the nick of time!!

Here is our finished bar Height Counter, (and frequent photo bomber and toe snuffler, Molly Moo the House pig) YAY!!!

IMG_0714 IMG_0540

It turned out better than we expected and was enjoyed by the fam.

For safety’s sake the wood is secured to the base with screws and on the feet there are rubber floor protectors.

Hope that you are inspired and want to build something too!!


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