Vacation, all I ever wanted.

Hello beautiful people! Lets talk about vacations, staycations, and any other kind of cations there are out there.


Recently I went on a trip with the fam to Oregon. 7 full days and nights of beach life in a little house on stilts on a spit of land between the ocean and a lake. This sweet little house had all kinds of fun amenities but, duh duh duh…… no TV.

It was everything. Sun, sand, frigid water, caves and agates and crabbing, thrift shopping, cheese eating. Falling asleep every night to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Boulders under the water, rolling and cracking into each other, they made quite a lullaby.

We planned this trip for almost a year and finally the countdown was on. We got wetsuits and all manner of things we thought we might need. (Mostly car snacks, cause kids and long drives. And my need to eat everything in sight while in the car on a long trip, cause, well, its a problem… 😉

The day came and we set off, fairly early-ish in the morning. Ok, it was 10:00. Not really early but as early as we could get out of the driveway dangit. We chose our mid way point to be in Boise Idaho, spent the night in a hotel and left again at the ridiculously early hour of 5:00 in the morning. Before breakfast was even served!

A stop in either Idaho or Oregon at park for lunch and some run around time and then into Portland for some Voodoo Donuts, nummy noises here, and then on to the coast.


Side note, I followed on a two lane road , with VERY FEW passing lanes, behind a special kind of driver who pulled a trailer and wanted to drive 35 mph all the way over the mountains…. Impotent rage, parental frustration and desperate for vacation anticipation warred in my head and I am sure my family was entertained by my multiple personality disorder. And maybe a little nervous.

Around many winding curves, past a lake or three and finally there was the ocean!!!! We spilled out of the car and unloaded into the cottage, taking in the views.


A whole week that felt like forever spread out before us. and we LOVED every beautiful day. It misted, rained, shined and fogged. We walked the beach in all of it, started the wood burning stove for the rainy day and slept with the windows open all night.

There are jars of agates, shells, bits of wood and funny flotsam in my house now.

Caves and trails and boulders, sea cucumbers and starfish and razor clams. Empty or very nearly empty beaches the whole time. The desire to BE where we were, enjoy where we were. No need to run to see this or that site/landmark or place. We wandered a little, hitting thrift and antique stores on our way.

Our very last day, check out day, we took a hike up to the little lighthouse through the forest. I recorded it in pieces because I wanted to remember but I knew my memory would fade.


The whole trip charmed the sox right off our feeties. So much so that I was not back for a whole two days and I was looking at real-estate for sale in the small town we were in.

For about two weeks we all went through vacation withdrawal, in a kind of mourning it seemed. But, the sun shines at home and friends were calling. Work to get back too and that not so terrible real life insisted we move on.

We are planning to go again. Our kids will be a little older and I hope the magic of the Oregon Coast lures them back with us again. Early mornings, late nights, and time. Turns out that the whole no TV thing? It was not even missed.

Below are just a few of the many, many, many pictures taken!

We visited Lost boy beach, Rockaway Beach, Netarts, Tillamook and Cape Meares.






In the videoclip you can see that there was an eagle flying around the cliffs for a while.












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