To Family, Friends, Neighbors and those you share a smile with - Much love and many blessings to you for this Holiday season! 

Thanksgiving, a time of family and togetherness and gluttony…….


This year we hosted the family thanksgiving and it was wonderful, chaotic, noisy, exhausting and heart warming. I had the privilege of meeting and giving my blessing to a darling young lady who will be joining our extended frie-amily (that is – our friends close enough to be considered family 😉 ) I got to snuggle my sweet baby niece and read Spider-Man stories to my cute nephew.

The connections renewed and hugs shared, those hugs that are a little tighter and you hold on just a little longer. The good kind of hugs.

I am not sure how it works in your house, but in mine we have to spend a WEEK cleaning and organizing before we host! Yep, we are a typical, slightly messy, family. So, accordingly,  I plan ahead. No way would we let our large and boisterous group descend into the tidy clutter that seems to breed naturally where we exist.

As a consequence though, my children have come to dread the week leading up to family holidays. Eye rolling is seen and moans of despair can be heard issuing from their  squanched up faces.

As a battle tested Mom, I am of course prepared for this.

The scenario starts out like so..

Me – ( Whoo, shake it out and walk into the room with a cheerful smile pasted firmly into place) Hey guys! Guess what??? We get to host this, that, or the other family event! It will be so fun 😀

Kids – (Had been distracted by what ever they were doing when I walked into the room and started speaking. They only half heard me and it has not yet registered. Insert evil chuckle here)    Wha, noooooooooo, AGAIN??? Didn’t we just do this? I have plans (which actually means, Imma make me some plans as soon as you leave the room)

Me – No, that was at least a couple of months ago! It’s our turn and EVERYONE (give kids the EYE but keep smiling) will help to get ready for it.

Kids – (Speechless in the face of my maniacal cheerfulness)

Me – We will start by…… (and so the cleaning begins BWAHAHAHA)

Please don’t misunderstand, my kiddos love their Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles Cousins AND they enjoy spending time with them. They just do not like their crazy Mom’s (completely intentional, volunteer to host with this in mind) whole house clean up.

Hahaha, no really though. Nothing like company coming to get the crap put away! It is my favorite way of cleaning up, a ton of work but a huge reward at the end.

Our Thanksgiving was delightfully full of all the usual moments that make memories, the hustle and bustle of moving around a kitchen filled with smiling faces. Little hands reaching to sneak a snack early and the inevitable collision as we attempted to dance out of each others way after something or other.

After dinner time, everyone relaxed, sitting around, just enjoying each others company, sorting out a kid disaster or squabble now and again.

The family, they are special. We started the day with a clean and shiny house and thanks to them, we very nearly ended with one too. It’s an unspoken rule, these family times are not just about having fun and walking out the door. We try to leave each others homes with the same love we came into them. Many hands make light work, we do and they do and because of that, our family enjoys opening their homes to the lot of us. And there are a LOT of us 😉

To Family, Friends, Neighbors and those you share a smile with – Much love and many blessings to you for this Holiday season!

– Apria


Ps, I know this is a day late, so to speak, but I hope it finds you and brings a smile!


Photo Credit – (in)courage 

by Heather Boersma in her post called A pile of dirty dishes.

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