Road Rage-y, it’s a thing.

Sometimes, I envision myself as Cruella de vil, you know, crazed laughter, hair all over the place while my car falls apart around me.

Rant alert! Because today it drove me crazy that the following is my NORMAL school day morning commute.

I am a daily driver on the small section of highway from the Payson Main Street entrance to the 8000 south exit and back again. It never fails to surprise me that getting on the highway here is tricky. There is one lane on Main Street, as you get closer to the highway a turn pops up on the right hand side of the road that is both a highway entrance and a turn for a small street right before the entrance.

There is a sign there for the turning/entrance lane it says turn only, a pair of arrows painted on the road to signify that in order to either turn onto the little road OR enter the highway you must get into the TURN LANE. ( I am told this is new but I have lived here 9 months and its been the same the whole time I’ve been here.)

Every Morning I have to watch carefully for the moment when I get cut off trying to get on the highway by someone who did not get into the turn lane and thinks its acceptable to cross the solid white line, at the last possible moment, to get on to the entrance ramp. EVERY MORNING.

It is then a crapshoot as to whether or not I can safely enter from the entrance ramp. Most of the time there are simi’s in the right lane that are going 10-15 MPH slower than the speed limit. Sometimes the culprit is just a person entirely oblivious that they are driving like a 95 yr old. (no offence to 95 yr olds 🙂

There is no extra lane that pops up for drivers entering the highway, you must merge into northbound traffic. The speed limit is 75 MPH…. In order to get up to speed on the entrance ramp, after being cut off by someone trying to get on but not watching the signs, you must hope that said person now in front of you is also motivated to get up to speed. I have been trapped behind a slow person on this entrance and had a simi round the bend in the lane I have no choice but to merge into who is unprepared or unwilling and less often than you think unable to move over or slow down enough for this to happen and ended up in the shoulder.


Then just to top it off the entire way between the two entrance/exit, it is packed with cars, trucks and simi’s contentedly going 10-15 MPH under the speed limit, less than a third of them actually are in the right lane to get off at the exit. Their purpose is seemingly to slow everyone in that lane into a crawl and then NOT EVEN USE THE EXIT!

I will admit to wanting to get to where I need to be in a quick and efficient manner and this makes me a little road rage-y. I have come to expect it and dread it at the same time. The fix for this problem is in the millions of dollars and, if the rumors are true, will result in an entirely new entrance/exit for the highway.  Eventually.

The exit to the highway on main street is worthy of another 600 word diatribe about poor planning. Just to give you the highlights –  there is one exit lane off the highway that splits into three lanes, 1 for the right turn-ers 2 for the left turn-ers ( I turn left). In the short distance that goes under the highway for both left lanes, the left left lane turns into a left and straight lane and the right left lane is a straight and a merge lane for those exiting the highway from the other direction. Not more than 20 feet after that, the left lanes both merge. And are almost always stopped dead by the McDonald’s patrons entrance and exit 50 feet further down the road.

(Insert Tasmanian Devil throwing a monumental fit here)

Sometimes, I envision myself as Cruella de vil, you know, crazed laughter, hair all over the place while my car falls apart around me.

Most of the time though, I try to think of it as one of the things that come with small town life. Take a big breath in and let it out and be a big girl 😉 Most of the time…

Here is an excellent article on 16 ways you may be causing a little raging on the road by Mikey Rox, written for Wise Bread.

Be safe and smart out there on the roads friends!

– Apria


Photo Credit, Mika Larson –  Road Rage Cards

2 comments on “Road Rage-y, it’s a thing.

  1. I live in LA, a completely different set up than what you have, and possibly designed to aid and abet road rage. We spend so much time in the car, pretending that traffic is not affecting us. The image of Cruella de Vil is spot on. I am an otherwise pretty unflappable, reasoned and calm human being…..unless I am behind the wheel, where I am know to curse every offender who comes my way. Or those who drive too slow, and those who shouldn’t have a license…you get the gist.


    • I hear you!!! City traffic is nightmarish in proportion to small town poor planning, you get a gold star for not only getting behind the wheel but not taking out the people who should never been given a license in the first place 😉


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