We are the smaller, the weaker, we are the quick, the clever. We are the finders and the lost. We are all gentleness and softness, we are unyielding and strong. We are crushed yet, we persevere, we create life..

This post is about one group but not for one group. I do not find that thoughts and feelings are exclusive, but rather inclusive as long as we allow them to be. However, that said and because I am of one group, it is from one group that I am speaking. So, in a bit of inspiration, I share with you my earnest thoughts.

When I think about my life as a woman, my gifts and shortfalls, sometimes all I focus on is the negative. All I can see is the inequity of the physical challenges we face due, in large part, to the collection of fussy body parts we come with. It’s Important for me, though, to remember that ALL things have bad AND good. We cannot, will not, pass through this life with out both.

I am speaking to me and to you. Be who you are. Women, Men and those who feel in between, we can be happy as we are. We can be proud, we can be our greatest champions, we can be a part of a greater whole. We can be different and the same.

We are the weavers, we knit together our families. Our lives. We are the hands that raise up in love, in supplication, in frustration, in helplessness. Hands that bind with cords unbreakable by time. When our hands link together, we are formidable.

We are the smaller, the weaker, we are the quick, the clever. We are the finders and the lost. We are all gentleness and softness, we are unyielding and strong. We are crushed yet, we persevere, we create life.. We are fathomless sorrow, and shattering joy. Our tears water the earth and beauty or bitterness grows.

We are powerful.

We are Women.

We see a lot about reaching out and supporting each other as women. What if we did. What if we pushed away our own insecurities and stepped out of the destructive ideal that we have less to offer and offered MORE.

No woman is meant to weather the storms alone just because she “can”.
I tried to look for an inspirational quote on women supporting other women. I struggled. As I scrolled I saw plenty of quotes.

One thing the vast majority of them had in common was the idea that in order to lift ourselves up, we had to be greater than someone else. “Some do, others can’t.” “Be strong enough to deal with your own problems.” “Glory in your acquisition of beauty, love, position, because you are better that those other women or men.”

Our worth does not come at the cost of someone else’s.

The idea that we must be better, smarter, bad-er, prettier, tougher, younger, older, thinner, what-ever-er than someone else to be seen as worthwhile in our own eyes is the greatest LIE.

You ARE, I AM and so our worth is inherent.
Let me repeat, our worth is not contingent on anything other than our very existence on this planet.

Look out today. Look at the other people around you. Make eye contact in the grocery store, the gas station, where ever you are and you will see. We women, we humans, NEED each other. We NEED to see the value in ourselves and the value in others. We NEED reach out our hands and hold on. Because together we’ll move mountains 😉

– Apria

The picture here is my Mom and I playing around in an Antique store on a hot day in Virginia, She has been a wonderful example of love to me in my life and has instilled in me the the passionate desire to reach out and connect with humanity. She and I, we are not with out our flaws. But, it is those very flaws that give us the wisdom and experience to raise up those around us.


*Feature Image Is from free Google Images

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