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Sayge Settles In

She goes for many rides and loves the car, has sat upon the other 2 dogs and been sat upon by them as well. She is starting to play and be vocal at meal times.

18 day’s with Sayge.

We LOVE her. She has begun to open up and settle in. The accidents are a thing of the (knock on wood) past. No longer is her crate the place she runs too at every sound or startle or when she is tired. She comes to us. We have been coming to her, sitting and laying down on the floor with her so that she feels comfortable, and now she is seeking out our company for loves and snuggles. Squeee!! And at the same time, so honored to have her give us her trust.

6 days ago, I was exhausted and just coming home from work, I walked in, trudged up the stairs to my room. I just wanted to lay down for a bit when I hear a very tentative click clacky paws on the stairs. (Back story, we have been introducing her a room at a time to the house. Having to sit on the floor with her as we scoot, a few inches at a time, into the room. Petting her all the while to help her feel safe. It has been a process and there are still some rooms she will not go into even though we are in them.) So I lay down on the carpet as she finally peeks her nose above the stairs.

I called her and she slowly came. For a few minutes she just sat by me on the floor then all at once she seemed to just kind of melt to the floor. Tucked into the space RIGHT beside me, her head on my shoulder. As you can imagine much face licking occurred. It is sweet but I’m still getting used to the level of kisses she feels the need to bestow 😉

I started to drift off a little, stroking her soft fur and then she did it. She rolled over my face and gave me her belly to rub!

Why is this a big deal? Big eyes trusting me with the most vulnerable side of her.


I got a little teary.

Since then, she has given the gift of the belly to all of us. Sometimes her ears even stay perked up. She goes for many rides and loves the car, has sat upon the other 2 dogs and been sat upon by them as well. She is starting to play and be vocal at meal times. She is learning Sit, Stay, Lay down and a few others. She will not sit pretty, still working on it though! She adores running with John and waits for him by the door.

Yesterday, while I was working on a project in a room she couldn’t get into I heard a high pitched howling noise. I legitimately thought that a 2 lb Chihuahua had gotten into my house and set up a ruckus. I ran into the room there was Sayge HOWLING. My other two little dogs joined in (with remarkably lower pitched howls) and they all howled TOGETHER, not the kind of bonding I wanted to encourage. I gently told Sayge that while I found her singing lovely, it was not an inside activity…!

Last night, she came up to my room and smooshed a blanket around on the floor. It was her first night of not putting herself in her crate to go to sleep. She stayed with us all night.

Gives me the feels folks, love your fur babies!!

– Apria

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