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Sayge moves in

And the retaliatory peeing begins.. The older puppers are the mad wizzers, not the humans ;-)The humans seem to think she is pretty great. My bedroom floor however has been defiled and a carpet cleaner is in our immediate future!!!

A John runs crossover.

And the retaliatory peeing begins.. The older puppers are the mad wizzers, not the humans ;-)The humans seem to think she is pretty great. My bedroom floor however has been defiled and a carpet cleaner is in our immediate future!!!

Sayge is a (possibly, we don’t really know) 2 or 3 yr old black, white and grey, Australian Shepherd mix rescue dog. More Aussie than mix. She is calm and very lovey and so SMART. So smart that she has gone from being a field dog (in an uncovered pen in a field for at least the last 4 months) to a house dog with not much trouble. She is still crated while we are out and about from the house, but we have the confident hope that it will not be much longer and she will have the run of the house with the other doggos.

She is clearly of a careful nature, and is hesitant to be disobedient. You might infer that her previous homes have been rough, but we do not know for certain so speculation seems pointless. Her previous owners were insistent that she would out run John. (EEEEEEEH! Annoying buzzer noise) They were WRONG. Super wrong. They have started running, John and Sayge, a few miles at a time and Sayge not only loves it but has come to expect it.

She has only barked a very small handful of times at our neighbors goats and then not at all. The past couple of days have seen her become a little more vocal. She kind of groans, a put upon sort of sound I expect to hear from a long suffering old man, when she is anticipating her dinner while the other dogs are whining and wiggling around. I have heard her huff when she sees me, I assume that this is a happy sound because her tail is wagging and she comes right to me with a wet nose and a lick.. So unless she is sizing me up for a meal, I believe we are becoming friends!

There is definitely a honeymoon period with any new pet and we are trying to be very conscious of this. Her behavior will change as she relaxes and we are hoping that with careful, consistent, everyone will be happy. She already sits, stays (mostly) and comes to us when called instead of chasing feline temptresses. She also is fantastic in the car, only deliberately sitting on one of the other dogs once (Hahahaha, it was so funny even though she was being naughty and we had to use “The Big Voice” to tell her to get off.) We are off to a really good start!

John has taken Sayge on a run nearly every day since we got her and, as I hoped, he is absolutely in love with having a fur running buddy! Go wifely intuition!!
Pre-run he puts a little coconut oil on her paws and then they are off. he expects that by October they will be able to log 8-10 miles a few times a week together, with her mostly off leash.

Sayge will is definitely be in writing again, even as I type this she has found a new thing to be introduced to. She was stretching and she leaned against the charger cord for my phone knocking it off my desk and ON TO HER NOSE. She silently jumped half the length of my room away, looking for the evil creature who bit her nose. Hehehe.. After I stopped laughing, I had to call her back and show her the phone before she would feel safe enough to come sit by me again.

Loves to the fur babies of the world!



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