Good sense prevails

Uggggg, You know. You Know when you really WANT something. You REALLY, REALLY want it? When it's all you can think about and it keeps you up at night?

Uggggg, You know. You Know when you really WANT something. You REALLY, REALLY want it? When it’s all you can think about and it keeps you up at night? And then someone (who I just happen to love and respect very much, otherwise I could completely discount their obviously flawed and ignorant opinion…dang it)
says something that is a truth you cannot deny. Up until that point, I had kind of felt like I had a perfect bowl of my favorite soup steaming in front of me. Anticipating the first warm, yummy spoonful and a big nasty bug landed in it, rendering it completely inedible and just plain ruining my happy. *&+#@!%$!

After the dust settled, I Thought about it, a lot.


Well now I have to be grown up and and look at the bigger long term picture.
I felt like I needed just a moment to wail and gnash my teeth over the unfairness of it all. What I wanted was a good thing. It was unselfish, I thought it was at least. I was wrong. And it sucks to have to admit it.
You see I wanted (and still want) to add a new fur baby to the family. We saw and fell in love with a charming Husky (Cody) and a dashing Australian Shepherd (Jack). We even went so far as to introduce them to our 2 older doggos.

And I thought about it, in a rose colored glasses kind of way. How noble it was to adopt a rescue dog, give it a home with us and love it to pieces. Night time cuddles and long runs in the Mountains. Sounds perfect, right? Here is the deal though, rescue dogs almost always have a few things to work through. As well as loves and cuddles, they need training and consistency. They need time.

We do not have a lot of spare time at this point in our lives. School is about to start for the kids and with that comes after school activities. I am stepping into new things in the city, joining the library Board, volunteering for the rodeo and (cross my fingers, knock on wood, up for an interview for a new job that would be really amazing). My Husband has another month until the Bear 100 and is a working/running machine until the race is done. On top of all of that we live in a lovely Franken-House that we are still trying to set right one big project at a time.

Good sense prevailed after all. My good intentions could have paved the road, not necessarily to hell, but to added stress and the potential for disaster. After all, most dogs are surrendered to shelters because their families DIDN’T HAVE THE TIME OR ABILITY TO GIVE THE PET WHAT IT ACTUALLY NEEDED. Some people’s living situations change or health concerns make it impossible to keep the animals. I do not want to do that to an animal.

When we adopt, I want to be READY. I want to be able to commit to the fur baby that we bring home. In good times and bad, for better and worse, until they feel safe and we can be a family. It will happen, we will adopt a pupper, just not quite yet. When our lives here in Payson settle into a groove and the Franken-House is a little less monster and a little more house, I will be up late looking at rescue sites, praying to find the perfect-to-us addition to our family.

– Apria

These pictures are of our fur babies, Allie and Mia. They are mother and daughter and are silly and wonderful. Their protection skills are hilariously adorable, they will ferociously attack the vacuum monster when it roars to keep their humans safe 😉

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