Don’t let me get me


Today I am sweating it, the small stuff. I know the saying goes DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF but really, who doesn’t get stressed out and overwhelmed with life from time to time? Today, ME.

I am in the process of working on a big project, refinishing a dining room table, making my kids learn how to clean the house and do their own laundry, taking care of dogs, learning how to do the in’s and out’s of my job at Church, facilitating hang outs and play dates, caring for my little container garden, getting a construction guy in to cut a hole in the side of my house for a dog door (it really is the best place to put it) hosting the extended family for the Fourth of July, worrying about a possible foot surgery, not exercising because of the foot problem that may lead to surgery and gaining some extra poundage because i’m not exercising and I am comfort eating what ever I want and, last but not least, trying to create a menu plan of healthy food to stock the house with so that the comfort food that I love so much is not in it…

Whew, and now I feel like I need a nap.

When it comes to all the little things, they can bury me under an avalanche of my own making. These are the kind of days when I have to stop, take a breath, and remember that there are things I am in control of and things i’m just not. That there are battles that are worth fighting right now and some to put off so that I can retain my sanity and live to fight another day.

Today the big project is waiting on a big decision that is not mine to make so i’m going to pin this stress on tomorrow’s  board. The house is clean enough, the kids are not going to run naked in the streets for a few more days and my church job can wait until after the Fourth to do. As for my foot, well it just sucks, hurting makes everything else worse. However, since I cannot magically heal myself, i’ll just keep wearing the brace until my next appointment, take some meds, elevate and see what the doctor says.

Today, my kiddos are out running around with new friends. YEAH BABY!!

Today, I can eat a little healthier.

Today, I am choosing to look at myself kindly, this body of mine might not be what it once was but I am grateful that it works (mostly) and does what i need it to do.

Today, I can work on the table (thanks to my power sander 😉 and a willing helper I am lucky enough to call Mom.

And today, that is enough.



2 comments on “Don’t let me get me

  1. sothisisbliss

    Ugh! Injuries are the worst. They always mess with the groove!

    Liked by 1 person

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