Resistance is Futile ;-)

Because, I am the type of person who is going to put a round table in a square spot.

Because, I couldn’t resist.

And, lets be real, I don’t often resist when a project is calling my name. Because… My Square, four leg kitchen table fits in the spot it’s meant  to go, but only just. And, only when there is no one sitting at it AND it’s pushed all the way into the corner so we can only use two sides, unless we pull it out.

Because, I am the type of person who is going to put a round table in a square spot. I lucked into finding a delightful round table at Agape’s Food Pantry, here in Payson for the grand price of $35!! Couldn’t beat the price, right now my time is less busy, and it was very nearly perfect. All the table needs is about a gallon of stripper, hours of sanding and careful cleaning out of the carved designs, new stain and sanding and paint. Totally worth it 😉

This lovely pedestal table with claw feet has the sweetest design carved into the edge. In case you are wondering, It will be ebony on the top and the base will be a clean crisp white. I am undecided about whether or not I will try to emphasize the claw feet or just make them white to match the rest of the base.

My favorite thing about this particular project is that I get to do it with my Mumzy. Yep, my mother has taken on getting the paint out of all the detailed carving around the edge. It is hot and tedious work but we chat, listen to music and just spend time in the same space. This was something we could not have done 6 months ago we lived two hours (2.5 if you actually drive the speed limit. SHHH!) away from each other. While 2 hours is not forever away it might as well have been the other side of the country! In the day to day life I think not many people have the ability, or time, to just jump in the car and drive for two hours just for a 2 hour visit and then drive back home again.

It is something that makes my heart happy, being in close proximity with the fam. They can pop over here and I can pop over there. I will get to visit my brand new baby niece in the hospital instead of waiting for the timing to be right, organizing a day to be gone, using an entire tank of gas and spending $50 in food money for stuff I have sitting in my pantry that I forgot to bring!

I get to be the good Aunt, (insert cabbage patch dance with a little Stayin’ Alive, some groovy pulp fiction moves and perhaps when the kidlettes are extra cute, a definite fist pump) having all the cousins over to play and spend the night. There are crazy family dinners and quiet movie nights. It is not all fun and games, of course. Life happens, stuff gets dirty, messes get made, things and sometimes people get broken. But, it’s honestly so much better to have it WITH the mess than not have it at all.

Staying in close proximity to the Famillia is equal parts joyous and maddening but in such a good way. It’s not necessarily something I ever thought I wanted. Truthfully, it is a very good thing I am not the decider of all things, I would miss out on so much.

As far as my project goes, it will take a little time. My Mom and I don’t spend every day on it, we mostly spent a few shady cool-ish hours on it and then take a break until the next time it works out to get together. I have thought about working on it alone, just me and the rasp of the sandpaper. I just can’t do it though, time with Mama’s is precious.

After we finish, I have a chair to re-spring and a desk to refinish… I’m pretty sure by the time those are done I’ll have picked up more sad furniture in need of some love 😉




2 comments on “Resistance is Futile ;-)

  1. Karen amonett

    I am enjoying this project. Thank you dremmel!


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